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Earlier in the summer, we spent two fantastic days with Pete and his team from Viewpoint Photography . It was hectic but really good fun.  

Complete novices when it comes to photoshoots, we had no idea what to expect, but Amanda, Paul and Sam (Pete’s ‘team’) were a huge support and led us painlessly through the process with patience and a huge amount of humour.

After a lot of location research, we found the charming Spindle Cottage in Binegar, Somerset and we realised that we need look no further. Owners Angela and Alban have a beautiful fairytale garden with some magical playhouses. Ruth’s Cottage, gothic in style with a tiny cast iron stove, wooden table, chairs and a dresser provided the perfect backdrop for the Cupcake Party. Tom’s Lodge is an Elizabethan thatched cottage, with a tiny staircase to the upper room, and we used this for our Fairy Party. 

As well as shooting at this beautiful location, we also spent a lot of time in the studio setting up the party themes, with Pete working his magic and styling and photographing each one.

Our thanks go to the lovely Juliet Stallwood who made the delicious treats which set off our party tableware and accessories in such style.

We particularly loved her pink frilly cake and butterfly biscuits, not to mention the gorgeous ribbon cake used for the Princess Party. Once the shoot was over, the goodies didn't hang around for long, as you can imagine!
We really look forward to working with everyone again very soon as we develop our range of themes for more fabulous parties.

Viewpoint Photography - www.viewpoint-photography.co.uk
Spindle Cottage - www.spindlecottage.co.uk
Juliet Stallwood - www.julietstallwoodcakesandbisciuits.co.uk
  • Kate Courtney
  • Photoshoot

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