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  • Kate Courtney
  • Top Tips for inflating party balloons!
Top Tips for inflating party balloons!

So, it’s the big day and you’ve written list after list, ordered in food and drink from every caterer and shop imaginable and you’ve just about ticked off the last few items on what was a seemingly never ending To-Do list.

Now it’s time to tackle those balloons… and as any busy party organiser finds, you’re wondering whether you have enough puff left for both the balloons as well as the party ahead.

Well fear not. Here we are with some essential tips to see those balloons inflated in a breeze.

Top tips for super-fast balloon inflation
The number one way to save your breath and create an awesome effect

By far the most effective way of saving your breath will be to opt for helium balloons which are filled within matter of seconds by canister. This can either be undertaken by you with canister hire, or you can pay a party shop for the pleasure of simply picking up your pre-filled balloons.

Remember however that when using helium, you need helium safe balloons, and the party place that you rent from will be able to advise upon what size canister you need, and for how long the hire period is. Although generally canisters fill either 30 or 50 9” balloons, with the larger of canister filling around 30 11” balloons.

A complete breakdown of balloons
The lift times of differing balloons vary, as does the fill capacity and how far they may be inflated; here’s a complete run down of what to expect from the various balloon types, their sizes, capacities and float times.

Balloon Inflated Diameter Capacity (Cubic Ft) Float-Time
9" Latex 9" 0.3 8-10 hrs
11" Latex 11" 0.5 10-12 hrs
18" Foil 14" x 13" 0.5 3-5 days
20" Foil (Star) 18" x 18" 0.6 3-5 days
Giant Letter & Number Various 2 - 2.5 3-5 days
Foil Super shapes Various 2 - 2.5 3-5 days
3ft Latex (36") 36" 15 3-5 days
Foil Orb Balloon 16” 15" – 16” 1.05 3-5 days

Helium: Filling up Clear and Confetti Balloons
When using helium to fill clear or confetti filled balloons be aware that they may seem dull for around 10 minutes, after which they will clear.

Another top tip for confetti balloons is to rub them on your jumper, which can help lift the confetti to stick to the balloon through static.

Helium: Filling up HUGE 36” Balloons

Giant 36” balloons feature a far larger neck opening than standard balloons, and so can prove a challenge to fill without letting air out. You may then want to either ask a party shop for an adapter, or simply hold the neck of the balloon tightly around the opening.

Still wish to opt for traditional, no helium balloons?
If you’re still set on going for balloons that are filled with air only (or you’ll be placing these balloons upon the floor) then you can similarly save your breath by buying a cheap cardboard pump. Whilst nowhere near as fast as canister fill it does require less exertion than by blowing them up by your breath alone.

Now that balloon blowing is a breeze you can go for everything from the ever more impressive 3 ft. giant balloons, right through to themed balloons fit for a princess or spaceman.

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Image Credits: Amy Atlas, TomKat Studio & Pinteerst

At Feather Grey Parties we love to provide top tips and party guides to make your life that little bit easier!

  • Kate Courtney
  • Top Tips for inflating party balloons!

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