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  • Alice in Wonderland is celebrating its’ 150 birthday this year
  • Kate Courtney
Alice in Wonderland is celebrating its’ 150 birthday this year

We're all mad here (Alice in Wonderland)

“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the cat. “We’re all mad here.”
Alice in Wonderland makes for an undisputed children’s literary classic and quite unbelievably this is the year where Alice turns 150!

Alice Original Illustrations
Image Credit: Sir John Tenniel

So to celebrate this very special occasion and all that Lewis Carrol has given us we thought that we’d create our very own Mad Hatter party theme.

Alice – The wonderfully puzzling girl who has enthralled, mystified and charmed us
It’s hard to believe that it’s been a century and half since Alice appeared in children’s lives and throughout this time it seems that she has not lost one ounce of charm.

Disney Alice in Wonderland
Image Credit: Disney Alice in Wonderland 2010

She has provided both delight and puzzlement in equal measures; as academics have analysed hidden meanings, children have simply mused at the wonderful descriptions of magical potions, mad hatters and mushrooms that helped Alice grow to the highest of heights.

Etsy Drink Me Lables
Image Credit: Charm & Chance on Etsy

Lewis Carrol, a boat ride and the inspiration that led to Alice
Alice in Wonderland was originally published in 1865 and came about from a simple River Thames boat trip that Lewis Carrol enjoyed with friends, family and their respective children.

Image credit BBC: Photos of Alice Liddell (left, who the story is based on) and Lewis Carroll

Whilst on the trip the youngest child, named Alice, asked for a story and as they travelled he ad-libbed the beginnings of Alice in Wonderland.

It was clear that even this initial re-counting of Alice’s story was to be a winner as Alice pleaded that he write it down as soon as they returned, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My Vintage Mad Hatter Tea Party
I’ve always been a massive fan of the Alice in Wonderland book, and just like every other child in the western world my childhood was filled with plenty of screenings of the Disney film adaptation.

So it seemed rather a wonderfully whimsical idea to put on a Mad Hatters Tea party theme this year for my birthday.

The party theme intermingled vintage elements with Alice in Wonderland characters and with a little help from friends and neighbours I created a party menu of delicious cakes, biscuits and homemade lemonade (which were of course served in Mad Hatter inspired jars with Drink Me labels firmly attached).

Etsy Drink Me Lables

This party took place in a rather charming marquee where floral bunting was hung from the ceiling and where Alice in Wonderland characters adorned the walls.

The party theme was worked to perfection with a croquet game in the garden (similar to the image below), finishing off a nostalgic day perfectly.

Image Credit: Catch My Party

The Mad Hatter Tea Party Range - Our ode to Alice
At Feather Grey we love all things charming and even more so when they mix party items with as wonderful a child’s character as Alice and her mad companions.


And as I have been so inspired and intrigued by Alice over the years, I decided to design a range of Mad Hatter themed “un-birthday birthday” party invitations and thank you cards, which I matched with party tableware, milk bottles and party gifts all in the style of our own topsy turvey Mad Hatter.

Through this range I hope that Feather Grey customers can have as much fun in their party planning and putting on as I did with mine… be it for a child, or an overgrown child in the form of an adult!

Ready to get started with your very own Mad Hatter Party?

Shop our range here!

  • Kate Courtney

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  • May 31, 2015

    I can’t believe it is so old!! What a fab theme for a party! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

    — Katy

  • May 30, 2015

    Love the mad hatters range how cute is that! #kidscorner

    — Everything Mummy

  • May 27, 2015

    ooppps should’ve said #Kidscorner

    — Mudpie Friday

  • May 27, 2015

    What a lovely idea for a birthday party – I spend so much time making sure my little one has a lovely day I forget about my own party!! Great touches.

    — Mudpie Fridays

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