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How to organise the perfect baby shower

Who can plan a baby shower?

Generally baby showers are arranged by friends outside of the family as etiquette dictates that any other way may seem like the family are asking for presents. That said such stringent rules are really falling away in today's modern world and more and more frequently anyone from the mother’s close friends or family may arrange the baby shower.

When should the baby shower be arranged for?
A baby shower may take place at any point during the pregnancy, however the majority of mothers tend to prefer the event to take place later in the pregnancy (from six months onwards) as they know the pregnancy is progressing as it should.

Where should the baby shower take place?
A baby shower can take place almost anywhere that is practical for the guests, although generally speaking this isn't at the mother to be’s house owing to having to clean up both before and after the guests arrive and leave.

What type of invitations are right for a baby shower?

Pink baby Shower from feather Grey Parties

Invitations can be sent by post or email and may be either traditional or more modern. If there is a theme for the shower then this may begin with the invitations. As with all formal invitations they should include who, what, where and when, as well as RSVP instructions.

Pink baby Shower from feather Grey Parties

What activities are good for a baby shower?
A baby shower may consist of the following:
- A theme to guide activity and other choices,
- Food and drink, again this may be dictated by the theme,
- Some sort of informal game,
- A goody bag.


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Who should attend the baby shower?
The invite list should largely be dictated by the parents to be although those who are particularly close may be able to draft an invitation list with the final say lying with the parents.

Can I arrange the baby shower for both the mother and father to be?
Whilst the majority of baby showers are women only there is nothing to say that they can’t be for both the mother and father to be. That said the party structure may differ slightly if there is a mixed invite list, such as the activities and games that are on the agenda.

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