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  • Easter Craft & Cake Making Ideas for Kids
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  • Easter Craft & Cake Making Ideas for Kids
Easter Craft & Cake Making Ideas for Kids

Easter is finally here, which is the time of year when we get together with our family and friends to celebrate this special occasion by sharing a meal, baking cakes and giving out Easter gifts. Make this Easter more fun and memorable for your kids by trying some delicious and fun Easter desserts and creative Easter crafts.

In order to make your Easter celebration even more exciting we present the best Easter cakes and craft making ideas for kids this year.

Kids will thoroughly enjoy decorating these cakes in festive designs and shapes with mini eggs, bunnies and marshmallows. They can also make some interesting and creative crafts to decorate the house for Easter and as giveaways for friends and cousins on Easter.

1. Mini Egg Easter Cake:
Kids are especially fond of cakes so why not add a unique touch to a three layered cake by topping it with dripping chocolate and decorating with multi-coloured eggs made of chocolate. This cake includes all the fun of egg decorating but will also give you some sweet and delicious results.

All you have to do is bake a three layered cake, with chocolate filling and vanilla icing and decorate it with pink, yellow, purple and white coloured Easter chocolate eggs.



2. Easter Bunny Marshmallow Pops:

This is the easiest Easter treat that you can make with your kids and probably the most adorable bunny shapes. You can also add a cuter look to the marshmallow pops by making the bunny hold gummy carrots, Easter chocolate eggs or jelly beans.

All you have to do is buy some lollipop sticks and mini marshmallows. Melt some white chocolate for gluing the marshmallows for the bunny shape.

For bunny ears, eyes, nose and whiskers you need multicoloured sugar sprinkles to stick on the marshmallow with the melted white chocolate.

Bunny paws can be made with a tooth pick and black food colouring. And guess what? You can complement these Easter bunny marshmallow with Easter egg baskets using the same ingredients and only cutting them in different shapes.


3. Paper cup Easter Basket DIY:
These make the best Easter gifts to be given out to your loved ones and friends. Just fill these baskets with Easter chocolate eggs, goodies and marshmallow pops.

All you want is a few colourful polka dots paper cups, coloured card stock to create a handle, pen and glue stick. Cut the card stock, then take white paper write or print happy Easter and stick it on top of the card stock.

Create handles by connecting the card stock with brads. Punch two holes on each side of card stock and printed paper cups. Cut green coloured paper in grass shape to stuff in the baskets and add goodies or treats of your choice.

This will make perfect Easter gifts for your loved ones!


4. Glass Jars filled with bunny and eggs:
This Easter themed craft is one of the most creative and adorable ones.

These jars can also make nice Easter gifts or decoration pieces to be kept on table for Easter display. You can either take festive glass jars or beautiful cylinder jars, filling them with Easter chocolate, candies and a handsome Easter bunny inside.

You can also fill the glass jars with layers of colourful candies, chocolate eggs and a bunny or lamb while nestling them on green paper “grass” to give an Easter basket effect.

You can finish the design by attaching a note to the lid by using a double sided tape or perhaps a purple or white ribbon.


5. Easter Bunny Canvas:
In order to make a great addition to your Easter decor you can make some cute bunny crafts with your kids. Easter bunny canvas is easy and inexpensive to make.

The only thing you need to do is paint the canvas with a light paint colour such as blue or white for the background and place a bunny stencil at the centre of the canvas.

Use white yarn to make a pom pom to show it's a bunny tail on the canvas. Kids can even hang this bunny canvas in their room and create an Easter theme.


There are many other creative Easter crafts and cakes that you can make with your kids to celebrate Easter in a unique style.

Some other interesting ideas would be Carrot Treat Boxes, Chocolate cheese cake Easter eggs, cute Easter bonnets and Easter bunny biscuits or you can check out our Pinteerst board for more ideas & inspiration here:

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And if you are inspired to make the glass jars with bunnies & eggs, you can buy our version of the pail here:

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  • Easter Craft & Cake Making Ideas for Kids

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