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  • Planning a toddlers birthday party
  • Kate Courtney
Planning a toddlers birthday party

It’s true, time really does fly, we’re sure it only seemed like yesterday that you were blowing up the balloons and filling the party bags for your child’s last birthday party! But it’s that time again and we understand that party planning for 1 to 3 years olds can be tough so we’re here to help!

Toddlers are full of energy and enthusiasm, which is why it’s vital to plan the day out and ensure you have activities to keep then entertained. It’s also important to think of activities that they can all get involved with so there are no problems with jealously or disappointment.

We’ve outlined some simple tips for you to follow to help make sure you’ve got all areas covered and your toddler’s party is a resounding success!

Consider who to invite
You don’t want to overwhelm your toddler by having hundreds of people there, but equally there should be enough children for them to play with. We suggest three to eight friends, but remember to invite the adults along too so you have support watching over them! We’d also recommend inviting friends and family so that there are faces that your toddler recognises, especially if they are shy, to ensure that they enjoy their day.
Most children around this age tend to be quite routine driven so it’s important to see how your party can integrate into their routine nicely. As most will still have daytime naps, we advise the best time to focus your party round is meal times. Lunchtime and dinner times are perfect as it means the children can nap after or before they attend the party. In terms of party duration, we’d suggest not to have it last much longer than an hour to allow for everyone to fall back into their routine.
Due to the timeframe that you are working to, we recommend not to go mad with entertainment, as it could be a waste of money. However, having a main theme or event is ideal to maintain the children’s attention and also structure the party around this event. You don’t need to bring third parties in for the entertainment if you don’t want to. Think outside the box, create your own games, such as dress up, face painting or sing-alongs.
Where to host
This strongly depends on how many people you choose to invite, but convenience should be an important factor. If you choose not to host it in your own home, pick somewhere close to you so it’s easy to transport food, decorations etc there. Ideally you could have it in your own home where your child is familiar with their surroundings but we understand this isn’t always possible. If you choose to hire somewhere be sure to visit on site prior to booking to make sure it is child friendly.

We understand children’s parties should be a fun and exciting time, but that they can equally be stressful. With the right planning and organisation they need not be a nightmare but a fun and memorable event for the whole family. We have created a range of party products to help make your child’s party extra special and unique. Have a look at the Bumble Bee range from Feather Grey parties, this specific range is great for toddlers and covers all bases. You can order whatever you need, whether that be invitations, cupcake decorations, balloons or more!

Order today and start planning your toddler’s next great birthday!

Click here to view the Bumble Bee range and remember to print off our planning tips here to make sure nothing gets missed!

  • Kate Courtney

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