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Children's Party Food Ideas

Creating the perfect bumble bee party
Planning a party for little ones can be a lot of work and sometimes coming up with the ideal choice of food is the hardest part, but it doesn’t have to be. The bumble bee theme is a party pleaser every time and there are so many creative things to do when it comes to serving your guests. Take a look at these top five ideas for your little ones special day!

  1. Cake- What’s a party without cake?

    There are lots of ways to fit cake into the bumble bee theme.
    Whether you pay someone to create a bee masterpiece or you have a go at making something yourself, it’s sure to be the centre piece of the party.

    To give it a special twist, why not add some cake pops to the mix. You can easily make them yourself and even get the kids involved if you want.

    Bumble Bee Cake Pops

    Take a look at how to do it here-

  2. Lemonade drinks-

    Cloudy Lemonade

    When you choose to do a bumble bee theme there should be an air of spring and fun in the planning.
    There is no drink like homemade lemonade to give you a taste of everything that the season is all about.
    Why not give the party a little vintage twist by using gorgeous jam jars for drinking from and colourful straws to set the look off.

    Feather Grey Paper Straws

  3. Bee on a plate-

    Bumble Bee Party FoodBumble Bee Party Food

    Have you ever thought of using food as decoration? Well, now is your chance! There are tons of ways to use food to create a little bumble bee on the plate.
    Whether you create a big bee using fruits and colouring for table decoration or you choose to put one on every guests plate as a treat, the idea is sure to impress.
    Suddenly the party food becomes more than just a few sandwiches and crisps and becomes part of the celebration instead.

  4. Chocolate covered clementine-

    Bumble Bee Party Food

    These are the perfect little treats for any bumble bee party, whether the celebration is for a 2 year old or an 82 year old. They couldn’t be easier to make either! Just separate each slice, cover half of each slice in melted chocolate and leave to cool. When they’re done, sprinkle some coconut or something similar on the chocolate part and you have lots of delicious bees for your party.

  5. Marshmallow pops-

    Bumble Bee Party Pops

    Both delicious and decorative, marshmallow pops belong in a bumble bee party and they couldn’t be easier to make. Pop them in a jar on your food table and let your guests dig in.
    You can see how they’re made here- http://themarshmallowstudio.com/blog/2013/07/buzzy-bee-pop-tutorial/

A bumble bee party can be so much fun and there are lots of ways to incorporate your food into the theme. When you want a helping hand, take a look at the fantastic collection available from Feather Grey Parties

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Bumble Bee Party Collection

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  • Kate Courtney
  • Creating the perfect bumble bee party

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