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Behind the scenes of a photoshoot

At the beginning of December, I spent a fantastic morning with Lucy from Capture by Lucy shooting various Christmas party essentials, party treat boxes and gift ideas for the blog.

For me, a successful shoot is all in the preparation and knowing what it is you want to achieve and the style of images you want to finish with.

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest and spend far too many hours trawling through ideas & inspiration, sometimes there's just too many and it can be hard to know when to stop. 

Before the shoot , Lucy and I met at the Chapel for coffee and talked through the mood board I had put together and what could be achieved. Lucy is bubbling with ideas too and is so enthusiastic, you can't help but be excited knowing you're going to have such a fun morning working together.

The Chapel
Image Credit: Capture by Lucy at the Chapel

I particularly enjoy the planning, preparation and organisation and then being able to work with someone so creative and inspiring - this is one of the reasons I love what I do.

While on the shoot I decided to take some behind the scenes shots so you get a sneak peak of what it's like to be on a mini photo-shoot and then I'll show you the finished shots so you can compare the two.

If there's one thing I've learnt about being on a photo-shoot, it's the final image always looks so serene and yet there can be utter carnage going on in the background to create it!

We started the morning with the candy cane striped party tableware, with fake snow and rosemary from the garden, a Christmas scene was captured.

Lucy taking the first shots...

Checking the images are working...


Once we'd finished with the tableware, we moved on to 'how to make chocolate dippers' as Christmas gift ideas for the blog.

So that shots were consistent we kept the fake snow and rosemary and introduced a wooden drawer which Lucy turned upside down and scattered with more snow.



I wanted a visual reference of the ingredients needed and I think this is captured here really well.


Lucy then added some sparkly baubles, such a lovely touch to capture the Christmas spirit!


We were now on a roll and moved on to the next item, giant marshmallow reindeer pops!


To make it easy for everyone to follow the recipe I decided I wanted to put out all the ingredients on a baking sheet including the broken chocolate, giant marshmallows, lollipops sticks and pretzels.
I guess this is a visual ingredients list which I think makes life so much easier when trying to follow a recipe.


Once we had finished with these little fellas, we put together a really quick shot for a gingerbread recipe and cut out decoration. Using the same tongue & groove background, snow and rosemary, the elements for the shot were put together and a bit of washi tape to pin the A4 card to hold it up. It's as simple as that!



And here's my favourite shot of them all -  retro milk bottles with paper straws, the wooden drawer, scattered snow with a fake hydrangea flower head and pretty flowers from Lucy's lounge to finish of the shot perfectly.



I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes sneak peak of a photo-shoot... it's hard work but so much fun too!

To work with Lucy, you can contact her here

All About Lucy & Working With Her...

Happiness is contagious. 

I am a Mama, creator of boys, award winning blogger and photographer. 

I like to make and photograph pretty things and am completely inspired by my grandmother

I speak at conferences and events to inspire others to embrace a positive and creative life and fall in love with photography. 

I enjoy working with companies who share a love of creativity and who would like their products to be promoted in a positive and imaginative way. Capture by Lucy accepts featured and sponsored posts and is a member of affiliate schemes. 

I work hard to ensure any featured content is relevant to my readers because they only deserve the best! These posts will always be disclosed and I offer commercial photography for companies who would like to try something different.



  • Kate Courtney
  • Behind the scenes of a photo shoot

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