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Giant Marshmallow Reindeer Pops

Today I'm sharing this recipe for fun and easy to make giant marshmallow reindeer pops!

I came across them while searching for Christmas food gift ideas on Pinterest and wanted to have a go at making them myself.

I thought they would also make really fun gifts for Christmas and the kids can also help make these by decorating them after you've dipped them in the chocolate.

1. 200g Good Quality Dark Chocolate - I used Green & Blacks

2. Six Giant Marshmallows - I used Rocky Mountain

3. Three Red Jelly Beans - cut in half

4. Twelve Edible Eyes - I used Wilton eyes

5. Pretzels - I used Marks & Spencers own brand

6. Six 6" White paper lollipop sticks

7. Sheet grease proof paper

8. Microwavable bowl

Put a lollipop stick in the base of each of the six giant marshmallows then put them in the freezer (this helps the lollipop stick adhere to the marshmallow).

Now melt 3/4 of the dark chocolate in a microwavable bowl in the microwave at 1 minute intervals on full power. Stir it every time you take it out, let it melt slowly and be careful not to burn it by leaving it on full power for too long!

After doing this three or four times or when your chocolate is nearly melted, add the remaining 1/4 of the chocolate in and stir until it has also melted.

Now lay out two of the pretzels by pushing them together on the baking sheet for the ears. Repeat with 5 more sets of the pretzels.

Now take out the marshmallows from the freezer..

With a spoon, pour the melted chocolate over the marshmallow completing covering it and tapping afterwards to get rid of any excess chocolate.

Lay the marshmallow over the top of the pretzel ears and let it dry. If any of the the chocolate drips on the paper, it's no problem as it usually lifts off the sheet.

Then take the edible eyes and drop them gently on the chocolate marshmallow and then do the same with the jelly bean for the nose.

Repeat the above with the remaining five marshmallows and then let them dry.

I made these to give away as gifts so I wrapped them in a food safe cellophane bag and tied each one with red raffia which set them off beautifully.

Everyone loves these little fellas, they can't be eaten in one mouthful, even though I've seen kids try! They absolutely adore them and are especially surprised they are made of marshmallow.

A real favourite in our house at Christmas time!

Enjoy x





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