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Birthday Party Checklist

Last week I shared our step by step guide to planning and organising the perfect birthday party, to help make sure everything leading up to the big day goes as planned.

Once all your planning and preparation of your child's party is complete, the big day will soon be upon you!

Below I have shared our simple checklist to help the day run smoothly. It’s the simple things that can easily be forgotten when you’ve got so much to sort out on the day, you can print out our FREE downloadable PDF list and keep it handy!


  • Knife and candles for the cake
  • Blu-Tack, scissors and sellotape to stick up your decorations
  • All booking information including venue and entertainment
  • Any phone numbers of parents that you have for in case of emergency if they are not attending the party
  • Children’s name stickers / badges
  • If required; rubbish bags to clear away afterwards
  • Camera and video camera – plus hopefully someone who can use these for you so you can enjoy the day!


  • Try to prearrange either a friend or other family member bringing the birthday child to the venue later on allowing you to set up in peace!
  • Put a sign or balloon outside the venue – helps avoid confusion that parents are going to the right place!
  • Take a walk round the venue to ensure that the children can’t leave the room or building without being escorted. 
  • Set the party table out to the side to avoid it getting ruined during the party. 
  • Work out where the toilet is and put up signs if required. 
  • Put any chairs out for the adults near their own nibbles or near where the entertainment is so they can watch. 
  • As the children arrive give out their name badges.
  • Set up a present table; again out the way to avoid it getting ruined.
  • Once the party has started, keep an eye on time to ensure you break for food and have time to do the cake.
  • Offer the entertainer some food to keep their energy levels up!
  • If there are tears on the day, just take the child out to calm them down before explaining that they can go back in and enjoy themselves as soon as they’ve settled. 
  • At the end of the party, if possible ask if the entertainer can help give out the party bags to help make the final moments just as fun. 
  • Once the guests have left be sure to leave the venue (if hiring) in whatever state you had agreed, some will do all the tidying up for you, others will require things like all food to be removed etc. 
  • Finally, do a last check around to ensure that no one has left any coats or shoes lying around, as well as all presents have been collected!

It may seem like a big task arranging your child’s party, however, the rewards are priceless, seeing your child along with others and your family having a great day will be memories you cherish forever.

To download your birthday party checklist, please click here

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  • Kate Courtney

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