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Photo Booth Ideas

When planning a party, the last thing you want to do is to run out of games and activities for the kids to play. In the past I thought I had planned everything so well and had what I thought was about 30 minutes of games for everyone and instead, it all took about 10 minutes!

I then spent what felt like an eternity running round the house, pulling my hair out trying to think of what else we could play! So that I don't have this dilemma again, I thought about things I could use and props we had to hand.

I thought it might be fun to do a monster party photo booth so after doing some research on Pinterest, I put an ideas board together which you can see here 

I've come up with a design for a downloadable 'grab a prop and smile' picture which you can print at home and a link here so you can also download some really fun monster eyes and mouths to keep everyone occupied and entertained at your party.

Image credit: hiphiphoorayblog.com

This was one of the first ideas I came across when looking on Pinterest for photo booths for a kids party. I liked the simple idea of bunting and balloons in the background with sunglasses and plastic glasses and nose disguise. If you don't have the disguise, then plastic sunglasses can usually be found in the house.


Image credit: fynesdesigns.com

I thought this was also fun and easy to create in a matter of minutes, find a piece of cardboard, cut the centre out and write out the words wanted and reward and give this to each child and take a picture. Perhaps if you have any fancy dress costumes or hats you could get a few of the children to dress up too.


When I was thinking about party activities and games, I wanted to use the monsters from our range for the photo booth so I thought about what I would need to put this set together.

First of all I designed the photo booth picture which you can download here.

I then took a picture apart so I had the frame only, found some coloured plastic straws and double sided sticky tape.

I printed the monster eye and mouth designs and cut out each template.

I then used double sided tape to fix the plastic straws to the reverse of each cut out and voila!

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration for party games and activities then these monster photo booth props and 'grab a prop & smile' picture make a really fun activity which all the kids can enjoy and a game for them to play too.

I would suggest having your mobile at the ready so you can take some scary pictures of your little monsters in action in their home made photo booth!

Monster Photo Booth Downloads...

Download your Monster Photo Booth 'GRAB A PROP AND SMILE' Picture here

Download your Monster Photo Booth Eyes and Mouths here

  • Kate Courtney

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