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Halloween Party Food Ideas

I recently went on a chocolate course in Dorset and while there I was inspired to make these chocolate dippers for our Halloween party this year.

I thought it would make a lovely warming chocolate drink to go with the hot apple punch I like to make too.

Here's my step by step guide for these batty chocolate dippers for Halloween.

1. Six mini wooden spoons

2. Six plastic shot glasses

3. Scissors

4. Double sided tape

5. Bat cut outs (optional) Click here for the FREE printable PDF

6. Two microwavable bowls to melt the chocolate

100g Orange Wilton candy melts

100g Black Wilton candy melts

1-3tbsp vegetable oil

Put your orange candy melts in one of the microwavable bowls. Set your microwave to DEFROST for 1 minute.

After 1 minute take out the candy melts and stir, put back in the microwave and change the timer to 30 seconds. Take out your melts and add a little of the vegetable oil to help loosen the chocolate. Repeat this two or three times until the candy melts become easy to pour. Be careful not to burn the chocolate by leaving it in too long or by setting it to the heat button!

Now pour your orange candy melts in to the plastic shot glasses, I usually pour in about a third of the shot glass. Once you have finished all six, leave them to one side and start melting the black candy melts as in step 1.

Once your orange melts are cold, gently stick one of the mini wooden spoons in the centre so it sticks upright in the shot glass.

Now pour your black candy melts in using the same method as before so you have approximately two thirds of the shot glass filled with chocolate. Be careful not to knock the spoon out of place while your pouring the chocolate.

Let your black candy melts go cold.

Top Tip: I wouldn't put them in the fridge as this can result in the chocolate blooming (streaky white marks can appear).

Using a pair of scissors, cut the plastic glasses so you're left with the chocolate dipper and spoon only. Now you can cut out the black bat from our FREE downloadable PDF and using double sided tape, stick them to the wooden spoons if desired.

Heat up a mug of milk and stir in your batty chocolate dippers for a rather lovely winter warming chocolate drink.

Enjoy x



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