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Monster Birthday Party

I adore paper straw flags, I think they add an extra special touch to any party or celebration and are so easy to make at home. 


I also really love colourful parties and these are such a fun addition to add to striped paper straws and they look great altogether on a party table.

You can simply coordinate them with brightly coloured tableware and bunting and as quick as a flash, create a little monster birthday bash yourself at home!

I designed these flags so they could also be teamed with our monster birthday party range too!



1. Sheet of white A4 paper or a piece of thin card

2. Scissors or scalpel

3. Double sided tape or glue

4. Paper Straws

Download the DIY paper straw PDF template here


Print the PDF in colour onto the A4 sheet or card. There are 6 flags per page so if you are inviting twelve guests to your party, then you will need to print 2 sheets.

Colour will vary slightly depending on your printer.

Using your scissors or scalpel, cut around each flag until you have the number you require.

Affix double sided tape or glue to the reverse side of each flag.

Fold each flag around a paper straw and tape or hold firmly in place while the glue dries.

And there you have a set of bright and colourful monster paper flags for a little monster bash, simply pop in a cup and enjoy!

You can also buy all the party supplies you need for a fun and colourful monster birthday here...

1. Striped Paper Straws
2. Monster Party Invitations
3. Monster Thank You Cards
4. Party Plates
5. Paper Cups
6. Napkins
7. Cupcake Toppers
8. Reversible Monster Bunting
9. Green Polka Dot Balloons
10. Red Striped Party Bags
11. Red Candy Cane Candles


  • Kate Courtney

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