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Halloween Party 2014

Over the past month, I've been beavering away in the Feather Grey studio, getting everything ready to launch our new Halloween party supplies and decorations for 2014!

It's been really exciting working on this new range, I love the colours and there's so many gorgeous pictures to look at for inspiration that I almost lost a day looking through hundreds of amazing images on Pinterest.

I've included some of the pictures I've taken whilst I was in the process of designing our Halloween range so you get a sneak peek of what's coming up from Feather Grey in the next couple of weeks.

First of all, I thought I would share these rather lovely Halloween images with you, everything from party tables, to crafts and spooky food ideas...

This is a fabulous Halloween party table by the Tomkat Studio, I love the purple and green colours throughout and the bats flying up the wall really set it off brilliantly.

Image Credit: Tomkat Studio

There are cupcake toppers and baking cups to match this set and free printable invitations which can be downloaded here.

I then put together a board of ideas and inspiration on Pinterest which you can check out here. There's everything from spooky skeleton cookies, cupcakes and decorations to craft ideas to keep little ones busy.

Image Credit: welikecraft.com

Image Credit: Etsy

The Feather Grey Halloween Party Range:
I started to look at colours and finally settled on orange, black and lime green. The tableware, decorations and party bags I have are black and orange and I wanted to have an extra pop of colour so I chose the green to compliment the other two.

One of the most popular items I sell are the cupcake toppers so I wanted to include a set in our Halloween Party Kit.

These come as  a set of six so I designed witches boots, a pumpkin, a scary spider, boo text on a spiders web and the ever popular flying bats for each one.

These toppers look great in our range of Paper Eskimo black & white striped baking cups as well.

I then started to play with the paper straws and came up with various designs for paper flags. I wanted to coordinate the straws and flags so they could be used in our milk bottles, I think they look really cute and can add a spooky touch to any Halloween party.

I then designed a drink me label, I've stuck this one on with blue tack for now so I could see how it could work with the rest of the set, however for the final set I'll print using single sided adhesive paper and apply them to each milk bottle.

These flag designs will be shared on the blog before Halloween so you can have a go at making them at home yourself, I had a lot of fun making these and they do look cute in the bottles.

I wanted to add to the range of cupcake & cookie kits I already have in our baking shop, so in this children's baking kit I've included a biscuit cutter and cupcake cases and there's a card in the gift tin so you can cut out the witches legs and attach them to the cut down paper straws.

I think these cupcakes and boots are simply adorable and the skeleton biscuits which can be made using the cutter, icing bag and metal nozzles included, will make fantastic trick or treat gifts for Halloween.

I also went on a chocolate workshop at Chococo in Swanage recently, so I was then inspired to make some chocolate dippers and started messing about last week with the idea of a two layered dipper using black and orange candy melts.

I think these will work really well dipped in warm milk and what better than a hot chocolate drink to keep you warm when celebrating Halloween!

I'll be sharing recipes for cupcakes and skeleton biscuits, you'll be able to download free printables of the paper flags, various bat templates for decorating the house and your party table and there will be more ideas and inspiration and a free giveaway coming up too! 

So watch this space!



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