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Easy Peasy Fruit Pops

This weekend I helped a friend make the food for her daughters 5th birthday party. She asked for some inspiration as she hasn't the time to search on-line herself. One of the ideas I came across recently on Pinterest were fruit skewers or otherwise known as, fruit pops.

I've put together a simple and easy step by step guide below. I've used star shaped cutters but you could use all sorts of shapes if you wanted. The key is getting the thickness of melon right so it doesn't split when you try and insert each shape on the lollipop stick.

Healthy Party Food Ideas from Feather Grey


Melon - I choose a watermelon and honeydew

Blueberries (optional)

Metal cutters

Lollipop sticks approx. 6" (you can find them on Amazon here)

Sharp knife


Healthy party food ideas from Feather Grey


Slice your melon in 1cm thick pieces. I originally did them in quarters and realised you got various thicknesses which isn't any good once you try and insert them on the lollipops as they split!

Healthy party food ideas from Feather Grey


Using your metal cutters, cut as many large and small shapes as you can get from your melon. Once you have all the shapes cut to make your fruit pops, you can add a couple of blueberries for a pop of colour and extra fruitiness to the lollipop sticks first, then start inserting your shapes on the top of each stick.

Alternatively you can use striped paper straws instead of the lollipop sticks.

Healthy party food ideas from Feather Grey


Present your fruit pops on a flat plate ready for little hands to pick up and enjoy.

And there we have easy peasy fun party fruit pops....and healthy too!


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  • Easy Peasy Fruit Pops

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