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Vintage ice cream cones

I'm beyond excited...I've recently been asked to put together a party for a joint vintage ice cream party for two girls who will be celebrating their birthdays this June. I'm thrilled they have chosen this theme as it's one of my summer favourites.

I thought I would share a few ideas with you here on the blog so you can create your own vintage style ice cream parlour with old-fashioned flavours and sprinkles to decorate.


I've made ice cream cone wraps, inserted waffle cones and then added white and strawberry toffee bon bons.


These are great fun to make and add a vintage feel to the table. I've teamed candy stripe party plates, striped cups and paper straws to create a coordinated theme.


Pastel coloured flying saucers, ice cream cups with wooden spoons, sprinkles to decorate sundaes and balloons in pink, yellow and white are the finishing touches I'll be adding at this birthday.

If you'd like to create these vintage themed ice cream cone wraps, you can download your FREE printable PDF by clicking here.

To make the ice cream cone wraps, you will need the following items:

1. White A4 paper (approximately 100-120gsm)

2. Scissors

3. Double sided tape

4. Stickers (optional)

5. Ice cream cones

6. Bon bons or fillings of your choice



Print the PDF you have downloaded onto white A4 paper


Using your scissors, cut around each circle


Cut a small strip of double sided tape and stick to the reverse side of each circle on one edge.


Fold the circles around each waffle cone, take off the top layer of double sided tape so the sticky side can be adhered to the reverse of the circle.

STEP. Add a sticker or leave blank and fill your cones with bon bons, marshmallows or a filling of your choice.


Image credits: Emily Beale Photography


  • Kate Courtney
  • Free printable ice cream cone wrapsFree printable ice cream party

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