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Surprise Valentine’s Day Party

Valentines Day...the one day of the year when millions of cards and gifts are sent to unsuspecting loved ones by anonymous admirers. 

Taking time to pause and make those you love feel extra special, what better excuse to throw a surprise Valentine’s party for your children and their friends?

FG Valentines Party Ideas

The fun part — planning the party, keeping it secret and watching the look on their faces when you reveal BIG surprise!

Decorating with delicate heart shaped balloons and fluffy pink pom poms is an effective and easy way to transform any space. Perfect the look by scattering our multi-coloured pink confetti onto a kitchen or dining room table — the ideal place for a fun day full of refreshments and crafts.

Keep snacks simple and stress-free — fizzy pink lemonade will taste even better when sipped through these super cute heart straws, while tempting cupcakes look extra yummy in our matching baking cups. Our pink heart napkins are great at keeping sticky paw prints to a minimum!

FG Valentine's Party


FG Valentines Party Ideas

The perfect way to keep little hands occupied for more than five minutes!

Show them the true meaning of love and the wonderful feeling of doing something for someone else by suggesting they enter into spirit of the day and make a crown for another party guest.

Asking their friends what their favourite colours are and what decorations they would like added to their crown, means that everyone will be able to make a truly bespoke gift to be cherished and remembered forever.

Why not join in the fun yourself and make your special little someone their very own heart crown?

FG Valentine's Party

FG Valentine's Party

Coloured card — 1-2 packs
Coloured tissue paper — 1-2 packs
Glitter, beads, sequins, gems — lots
Pencils / Scissors / Glue — half a dozen
Stapler — a couple

FG Valentines Party Ideas

1. Pre-cut strips of coloured card
2. Draw hearts, stars, polkadots on card & tissue paper
3. Cut them out & get sticking
4. Get creative & decorate the crown with gems and jewels
5. Fit the crown around the wearers head — trim if needed
6. Staple in place and pop on top of your Valentine’s head

FG Valentine's Party


You’ll find an array of great items, including napkins, balloons and even party pom poms for a Surprise Valentine's party here....

1. Pink Heart Napkins £3.50
2. Pink Heart Balloons £2.50
3. Hot Pink Paper Pom Pom Small £1.75
4. Baby Pink Heart Straws £2.50
5. Tissue Confetti - Pink £3.00
6. Red Dots on White Cake Plates £2.75
7. Pink Hearts Baking Cups £2.50

Image Credits:  www.gilt.com and www.celebrations.com
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